Sunday, January 30, 2011

A short personal review

Here I am. I had a bit of trouble yesterday. But I managed to watch "James Bond 007- Quantum of Solace" and here is my own short personal review about the film.

At first I have to say that I liked the first James Bond with Daniel Craig very much so that I had great expectations in this movie. In some points the movie fulfilled these but in some also not.

Here are the point i have to critizise:

The first point i have to critizise is the camera work. In the action scenes you couldn't keep track of the plot. For example directly in the beginning. You only see cars and shooting people but you couldn't assign the car to Bond or his chasers.

Bond didn't use any kind of gadget. I connect the name Bond at first to grils and than to gadgets. And in this movie I think Bond didn't use any kind of these. So Bond became a normal action guy and that's a shame in my point of view.

The Bond girl in this movie is Olga Kurylenko.
Here a photo of her

I must confess that I found her in the film not as beautiful as in the pictures you can find on the internet.

What do you think about her?

The plot isn't something "new". Some rogue has gained control about a power to kill/supress the world/a country and Bond stops him. At the end everythings blows up.

After reading this you could think that I didn't liked the film at all. But these are the bad points.

I would give "James Bond 007- Quantum of Solace" 7/10 point. I think it is a great action movie and it is worth to watch it at least one time.



  1. Not really big on the new James Bond saga, it seems to me that the directors are trying to make it too much like the Bourne triology.

  2. 7/10? For me it was more like 5/10 but I'm not a bond fan

  3. i think ill rent this next time im out

    your friend,

  4. Never been a fan of the new james bond sadly :(

    Pierce Brosnan ftw

  5. Didn't really like it much :/

  6. i thought it was pretty good, but of course the best bond will always be connery.

  7. I haven't seen it yet, but I'll watch it and let you know.

  8. Ya the plot has been done before, but this is a good well round movie.

  9. I loved the first Craig Bond to the extent that it is actually my favourite 007 movie. I'm an idiot, I know.
    But this one... Well, you're spot on with your review. Especially regarding the car chase scene.
    And Olga... Well... She was a bit 2D for my taste, if you get me. She lacked that certain something. :S

  10. yeah, the camera work during action scenes was my biggest problem with the movie too

  11. I didn't even see Quantum of Solace because I heard bad things from my friends who saw it. I love the old Bonds its far too tame now days.

  12. After this review I don't know if I really want to watch it

  13. I never seen Quantum of Solace but I will probably check it out to see the weird camera work

  14. I thought she was really pretty in the movie. I think she's in Hitman too? Can't remember.


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