Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's weekend finally

It is finally saturday. And I have some work to do for school. But at the same time the suffle option let me hear a nice song. The song is from a German Death and Folk Metal called "Die apokalyptischen Reiter" (riders of the apocalypse).It is called "Lazy Day"

Here is the lyric:

I listen to the sea, this is all what I have to be

I'm lying in the sun, enjoying this quiet fun

The wind caresses so softly

It feels like somebody loves me

The sky is painted in smooth blue

The drink in me hand, too

Another lazy day no affray

The night is coming, I see the moon

It's getting dark here soon

I'm looking at the stars but without any wars

Tomorrow I go down the hill...or maybe up

Or I stay here and shift into lowest gear

Another lazy day no affray

Today I believe I am really free

All the good things are so easy to see

Another lazy day

No fight to stay

I hope you enjoy your weekend as I do.


  1. You helped me cross off 1 item from my list.Learn German today.
    Oh!god! - the song is in English - since it was too good i didnt catch tht :)

  2. I love the picture of your cat. I thought my orange cat was fat, but I think yours wins the prize!

    Have a nice weekend! Rock on...


  3. German stuff always sounds apolyptical. scary. Followed!

  4. You have "interesting" taste in music!

  5. yup weekend finally! i really enjoyed that song.

  6. For a song by "rides of the apocalypse" this is REALLY mellow.

  7. I was a bit skeptical about the death, folk metal, but it is pretty good.

  8. I have the album Have a Nice Trip by them! I found out about their music last year :D

  9. the only thing wrong with weekends is that they're over too quickly

  10. very cool song. include more

  11. The weekend always goes so quick for me. Time actually flies.

  12. Ahaha, the weekend just melts away. Nice band, too.

  13. Have a nice weekend and good luck with this work ;)

  14. Mmmmm, I am actually getting a lazy day feel off that song. Wish I could just laze about just now :(

  15. weekends are awesome, i work 6 days a week and sunday is my only day off ^^

  16. I didn't know there's a genre called Death and Folk Metal!


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